Prelude to Our Alumni Movement – SXVPAA

I on behalf of the Formation Group take pleasure in announcing the launch of the St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association SXVPAA. In 1968, some ex-students floated and Alumni Association. A Public Trust was formed. The association fizzled out after a couple of years, maybe because of inexperience, lack of vision and no financial support. Thereafter, there have been associations which were promoted by the Alumni to encourage sports. The genesis of this initiative lies with these small experiences and with the silver jubilee celebrations of several batches of the 80’s. The thought of integrating all past efforts into a sustaining movement has evolved out of it. One can argue endlessly without finding any answers as to why so late. I believe, that was the providential design – each falling in place, at the destined time. The past is behind us, the future is for all of us to DESIGN TOGETHER.

The School, the various structures in the campus, the banyan tree, the teachers, the principals, the faculty, the very atmosphere within, have shaped the persona of each pupil. It has left an everlasting impact that has driven us to come together once more and stay connected. The internet, the mobile phones, the social networking sites like ‘facebook’ etal have greatly assisted in bringing us all together.

There were several options of formalizing this Association into a registered body and all were deliberated on;  however, since only one option could have been chosen, those involved at the inception time of the AA, thought it best in their collective wisdom to choose the Company route.

Like all Alumni Associations, this Association is also primarily Alumni centric. It seeks to provide a forum to exchange ideas, intensify the fraternity, take them beyond self, and of course, mutual help. Out of this fellowship and camaraderie, will emerge the concept of our motto, “UNTO OTHERS.

The Alumni of our School have always demonstrated their love and their sense of gratitude to their teachers. I have seen over the last few months, the oozing affection and the glitter in their eyes when they talk of pranks they played at school and recall their engagement with the teachers. There is one voice on this issue – that their teachers are all special! It is a matter of great pride that this warmth exists even today.

The AA can have a lot to do with the school children. Its collective experience and wisdom can all be placed at hand, for the school children. Career counseling programs, mentoring, various kinds of camps apparently fun and frolic but with serious overtones… it is as far as the horizon goes. It is for us the Alumni, to weave a practical plan and embark upon it slowly, taking one thing at a time.

The other possible area of engagement is with the programs – academic or extracurricular of the School. The Alumni can bring modern thoughts, methods, and re-vitalize all such programs.

These are thoughts. To make a vision plan and implement it is the task to begin with. To make it “HAPPEN” is the largest challenge. This is the hope and aspiration of these Alumni Associations. Each one of us has a role to play in this ball game. Come on. Come all. Be a part of us.

Sanjay Das Gupta

Batch of 1966