The Alumni of our School have always demonstrated their love and their sense of gratitude to their teachers. I have seen over the last few months, the oozing affection and the glitter in their eyes when they talk of pranks they played at school and recall their engagement with the teachers. There is one voice on this issue – that their teachers are all special! It is a matter of great pride that this warmth exists even today.

The AA can have a lot to do with the school children. Its collective experience and wisdom can all be placed at hand, for the school children. Career counseling programs, mentoring, various kinds of camps apparently fun and frolic but with serious overtones… it is as far as the horizon goes. It is for us the Alumni, to weave a practical plan and embark upon it slowly, taking one thing at a time.

The other possible area of engagement is with the programs – academic or extracurricular of the School. The Alumni can bring modern thoughts, methods, and re-vitalize all such programs.

These are thoughts. To make a vision plan and implement it is the task to begin with. To make it “HAPPEN” is the largest challenge. This is the hope and aspiration of these Alumni Associations. Each one of us has a role to play in this ball game. Come on. Come all. Be a part of us.

Sanjay Das Gupta

Founding member & ex-director

Batch of 1966