Whether individually or in groups, some announced and some done anonymously in silence, gratitude towards our Alma Mater has been displayed in various manners for many years now. On behalf of all of us at St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association we thank you for your gestures of gratitude.

Our association is about, ‘Unto Others’, and you are encouraged to approach the association with your ideas which will serve as an inspiration to other members and  which can be shared for greater participation. We also request you to keep us posted on your deeds of kindness so that we can announce them on our Website which will motivate us further.

St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association is ever grateful to all alumni who have actively supported us by contributing valuable time in organizing events held so far.

After contacting around 500 ex-students via a ‘Facebook’ page called ‘St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association Formation Group’, a meeting was held on the 8th of December 2011.

1Which was attended by 27 ex-students who pledged to work selflessly towards the formation of St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association. It was decided to be registered as a public limited company under section 25 of the Indian Company Act of 1950. Several among this group took on various responsibilities to ensure the completion on various tasks needed done and completed them in record time.

A Soccer Tournament with a trophy named the ‘Formation Cup’ between Ex-students and the School & Junior College students was suggested and organized by the group which was held on the 26th of January 2012 as a ‘Kick off’ towards our Formation Agenda.

2This was a traditional game of soccer between the Ex students and the school team which had started in the 70’s and was restarted on the 54th Republic Day of our Country. Earlier on that morning our national flag was unfolded by our very own Dr Ali Irani cheered by an audience of past students who were present.

The Kickoff began with the opening of the Alumni registers to enrol members into the Alumni Association. Participating in this event were ex-students who came from all parts of the world.

The full strength of teachers, number of students and ex-students all anxiously awaited the entrance of the teams. The game was conducted on international standard, the bright yellow jersy adorn by the ex students and red ones by the school teams. Before we began the game a brief moment silence was observed in memory of all the ex-students and faculty who have moved on.  The line up was introduced to Rev. Fr. Theodore Fernandes by the captain Ferdinand Fernandes for the ex-students and the school captain.

9.30 bingo, the kick off and it was cat call and nick name for rest of the entire game, large crowd had gathered see some of the star yester year players. At lemon time, the chief guest, who had made himself and our institution proud, the renowned physiotherapist, Dr Ali Irani was ushered into the field for the teams’ introduction. Fr. Theo distributed the prizes and also thanked all involved for the success of the event.

This soccer event is now called the ‘Fraternity Cup’ and it is played in the same format every year on the 15th of August after the National Flag Hoisting at school. Before the game, students who have fared the best in grades 10th, 11th and 12th are felicitated.

A cricket tournament called the ‘Unity Cup’ is played each year on the 26th of January after the National Flag Hoisting at school between four teams representing the four house colors made up of both alumni members and students of our institution.

On the 3rd of March 2012 we officially Launched our Association in an event titled, ‘Mastipathshala – The Launch  Pad’ which was attended by around 650 ex-students 50 spouses and parents and around 150 past and present faculty members with several ex-principals.



The few pictures above, gives one a glimpse of what a wonderful evening this was.

Following are a list of events that were organized by our SXVPAA till date

26-12-12                    Foundation Cup – Soccer Tournament – Kick Off

03-03-12                    Mastipaathshala – Launch Pad

01-05-12                    1st Unity Cup – Cricket Tournament

05-05-12                    Seminar – Discussion on Events and Programs proposed.

Several White Papers were presented which can be found here (Link to be provided to Proposals)

27-07-12                    Teachers Contact Program

15-08-12                    1st Fraternity Cup Soccer Match

18-08-12                    Entrepreneur Program for HSC Students

05-09-12                    1st Teachers Day Celebration

12-09-12                    Career Guidance for School Students

13-01-13                    Anniversary Reunion

30-04-13                    Summer Camp – 5 Day Camp for School Students

26-01-13                    2nd Unity Cup – Cricket Tournament

15-08-13                    2nd Fraternity Cup Soccer Match

05-09-13                    2nd Teacher Day Celebrations

26-01-14                    3rd Unity Cup – Cricket Tournament

14-05-14                    Needy Child Appeal

15-08-14                    Presented Institution with a Professional Audio Mixer

Felicitated School SSC Toppers

3rd Fraternity Cup Soccer Match

05-09-14                    3rd Teachers Day Celebrations with gifts by the SXVPAA

30-10-14                    Winter Camp – 5 Day Camp for School Students

14-11-14                    Children Day

29-11-14                    Annual School Sports Day

1st Alumni March Past Contingent

Launch of Alumni Association Flag

26-01-15                    4th Unity Cup – Cricket Tournament

15-08-15                    Prizes for SSC Toppers at the Independence Day Celebration

4th Fraternity Cup

1st  Veteran Cup

5-09-15                       4th Teachers Day Celebration with gifts to all teachers from


29-11-15                    Annual Sports Day

2nd Alumni March Past Contingent

26-01-16                    5th Unity Cup – Cricket Tournament

15-08-16                    Late CA Mr. R. G. Pasari Memorial Awards to Secondary

Toppers in each grade

SXVPAA Awards for Toppers in 11th and 12th Grades

5th Fraternity Cup

2nd Vetrans Cup

3-09-16                       Teachers Day Celebration with gifts to all teachers by SXVPAA