SXVPAA Membership Code of Conduct

(for each member joining the St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association)


The St Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association (“SXVPAA”) is an independent body created by the alumni of the St. Xavier’s Vile Parle School (“School”). It has been formed with an objective of working alongside the school management for betterment of the School, the teachers and the students. It will not and cannot be interpreted as related to the school management in anyway and has no role in the management of the School either implicit or explicit.

The SXVPAA is a voluntary organization.  Any ex-student of the school may join the SXVPAA upon payment of a membership fee and agreeing to abide by the Code of Conduct set forth in this document. By agreeing to join the SXVPAA, each member agrees to abide by the MoA and AoA under which the SXVPAA has been formed.

Several individuals and groups of Ex Students have done and shall continue to do yeomen service to the school.  The SXVPAA is not in contest or conflict with them. The SXVPAA will without prejudice, whenever asked to support such initiatives, will do so, based on the merits of each case.

Each member hereby agrees to abide by the following:

  1. 1.    Ethics

We will always conduct our operations honestly and honorably, and expect our members & stakeholders to do the same.  We will not bring personal agenda nor seek to settle personal scores through the SXVPAA or any SXVPAA designated forums.

  1. 2.    Duty of care

Our actions and advice will always conform to relevant laws and no attempts will be made to circumvent or evade any existing laws of the land.

  1. 3.    Conflict of interest

Due to the immense trust and close relationships between SXVPAA and teachers and batch mates and ex-students, students and staff of the School and all our stake-holders, the Office Bearers, Board of Directors and any of the persons on the SXVPAA will not use the  SXVPAA or any  SXVPAA events to further personal business interests or use this as a platform to solicit business, discounts or sign-up memberships or network marketing etc. The exception to this is the standard norms of sponsorships or making discounted offers for the school, SXVPAA and/ or other stakeholders.

  1. 4.    Distributed Powers and Responsibilities

Given that there are many number of alumni who are interested (and will be many more in near future) in working for the alumni and its activities, a distributed power organization is formed so that a fair chance is provided to all those interested in working in the SXVPAA body as well as on associated projects.  An alumni member interested in serving in the SXVPAA body would be permitted to work in maximum of 2 capacities, a major capacity and a minor capacity. A major capacity, for eg. would be  a Director, Chairman, Finance Manager, Committee Lead, Event Manager, Sports Leader etc and minor capacity role would be to work as a team member in any committee or work as coach / mentor in student coaching program. Simpler said, one Leadership role & one Follower role. This will allow enough no. of leaders to show up and lead, so that we do not have any single point of failure, as well there is enough roles available in the SXVPAA the members to express their skills and capacities. This code is to be strictly complied and followed once the Elections are held and formal working committee and Board of Directors is constituted. However, given that the organization of the SXVPAA will take some time to settle, it is agreed that, for the first [6 / 12] months from the formation of the SXVPAA, each of the members taking up position of responsibility will do their best to follow and inculcate the spirit of this code. However recognizing that there may not be adequate number of volunteers to step up to the various responsibilities in the initial period, any infringement of this code despite of a members best efforts to comply in the first [6 /12] months, would not be construed as a violation of the code.

  1. 5.    Contracts & Projects

All contract and project documents will usually be in the form of a detailed proposal, including aims, activities, costs, timescales and deliverables. Any contract award or projected implementation will be adequately documented, debated and approved by the governing body of the SXVPAA.  A mandatory norm that minimum of three commercial quotations be invited for any activity where the SXVPAA makes expenses or awards commercial contract beyond Rs. 10,000/-.  While the policy is to adopt the best price quote, any exceptions will require to be documented and approved by the Board of Directors.

  1. 6.    Payment &  Receipts

We will strive to make timely payments, as per payment terms to our suppliers and not unduly take advantage of any supplier by holding up or delaying payments.  In case of any financial difficulty, we shall communicate and work with suppliers etc to work out mutually agreed terms. All payments shall be made in proper documented manner and no personal interest shall be derived from these payments. All receipts on behalf of the SXVPAA shall be taken by individuals authorized for the same. All receipts taken shall be documented in a proper manner and no personal interest shall be derived from the same.

  1. 7.    Intellectual property and moral rights

The SXVPAA shall retain the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that is created unless agreed otherwise in advance with our members. In return we respect the moral and intellectual copyright vested in our member’s and stake holder’s intellectual property.

  1. 8.    Quality assurance

We will strive for quality in our functioning and business and transactions and will consciously avoid any approach in our day to day business which is of questionable quality about any of our deliverables.

  1. 9.    Professional conduct

We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to be completely objective in our judgment and any recommendations that we give, so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of our stakeholders.

  1. 10.                       Equality and non-discrimination

We always strive to be fair and objective in our advice and actions, and we are never influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, color, age or personal disability.

  1. 11.                       Confidentiality

We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with stakeholders, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our members and stakeholders.

  1. 12.                       Volunteering and Election

While Volunteering for a role is the simplest option, often we may have many volunteers, in which case there may be need for Elections to choose the right leader by majority. The Procedure for different Elections will be defined in details well in advance & announced.

  1. 13.                       Ethics Cum Disciplinary Committee
A 3 member Ethics Committee, consisting of 1 Director from the Board and 2 other elected Non Office Bearers, which will ensure that any complaints received by or against the Office Bearers or any other Alumni be investigated and decided. The complaints need to be in writing and be precise about the complaints and attached with necessary documentary evidence. The conclusion or decision by the Ethics Committee needs to be in the form of a “reasoned decision” to ensure that principles of fairness, equity and justice are upheld. A provision can be made for the Ethics Committee to review a decision if new circumstances or new documentary evidences are made available by either party. The Ethics Committee would also function as a Disciplinary Committee. Any violation of this Code of Conduct will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee in writing. The Committee, after providing reasonable chance to the offending member decide on whether the infringement is punishable or not. Depending on the severity of the infringement, the Disciplinary committee will have the sole authority to warn or suspend the membership to the SXVPAA. A decision of the Disciplinary committee will be final and binding on the member.
  1. 14.                       Documentation, Paperwork & Emails

Documentation and paperwork as required, shall be maintained.  Emails is commonly used nowadays and important emails, emails deciding policies and approvals etc are equal to paper documents will be printed and maintained on record of the SXVPAA body. Information, as far as possible shall be made available to members on request for inspection, unless if there is any specific policy prepared and approved, to keep any specific information beyond common access.

  1. 15.                       Policy for FACEBOOK Page  & Posts: 

All members of the SXVPAA are advised to exercise due diligence and common sense for posting on the Facebook page of SXVPAA. Each member shall ensure that no derogatory remarks, accusations, allegations or foul language is used and this forum may not be used to settle personal scores of any kind. While accepting feedback, constructive criticism,  genuine issues and answering queries and concerns from time to time, the SXVPAA reserves the right to remove any member who causes nuisance on the Facebook page by making posts which are not keeping in spirit and charter of the SXVPAA. The Office Bearers of the SXVPAA are prohibited from making any posts on the SXVPAA FB page unless the same is made thru the official ID and approved as per due process set out by the Board of Directors of the SXVPAA. The SXVPAA has setup an email ID wherein any aggrieved member is encouraged to send his/her queries. Any query posted to the designated email id, will be responded to by a responsible office bearer of the SXVPAA within 7 business days of receipt of the query.

  1. 16.                         Participation & Attendance:
This association is a participative forum and hence participation is key to our success.  We agree to participate fully and completely to further the intent and mission of the SXVPAA body.  Attendance on meetings/ project team / Board meetings etc is recommended at 75% and above. However a minimum of 50% attendance is compulsory & if the same is not maintained, the Team / Managing Committee/ Board of Directors may take decisions to terminate the person from the particular team, based on the conditions due to which the person is in continued absenteeism. In case any office bearer, managing committee member, Board member or project team leader/ member goes on leave, he will delegate his role/ responsibility to another member from his team, who is aware of the progress & status about the particular subject. A detailed policy on the attendance criteria, meeting notices, meeting agenda, frequency of meetings & minutes of meeting would co-exist along with this clause. While the above code and policies are neither complete nor exhaustive, any changes to these may be proposed, voted and carried out, as and when specific requirements and conditions so arise.
  1. 17.                       Conduct of Meetings and Participants:

A monthly meeting of the Office Bearers of SXVPAA shall be held and the agenda for the same will be circulated 4 days in advance, so that the participants can come in prepared and meeting time is utilized efficiently. The meeting will be chaired by a chairperson who will also minute the meeting minutes and circulate the same within 4 days of the meeting date.  Meetings will be held as per agenda and the Chairperson will moderate the meeting. Members attending the meeting are expected to have constructive discussions and ensure mutual respect. All resolutions to be adopted, will be proposed, seconded and then put to vote for majority. In case of a tie during the voting, the Chairperson uses his casting vote to conclude the resolution. The names of the persons who proposed, seconded, and voted for and against the resolutions will be recorded in the minutes.  Any project or team meetings held will also be documented in a similar manner by the Team leader concerned.