Fifth Anniversary Celebrations

The Fifth Anniversary of our Alumni Association is just a few months away and already one can sense the excitement in the air. Those of us who witnessed the Launch on the 3rd of March 2012 especially all of us foot soldiers who met regularly around that time and worked day and night in preparation for the event will recall fabulous memories of team spirit and camaraderie.

We had first met on the 8th of December 2011, just around 21 of us and within the next three months we were able to get in touch with approximately 1700 alumni both in India and abroad thanks to ‘Facebook’ mainly although many of us sent personal emails and made numerous calls to class and school mates who we were in touch with. There was so much to do once we had decided to go ahead and form our much needed St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association.

We coined an oath and swore to work selflessly towards the formation of our AA. We formed groups to pursue different chores that need to be completed in specific time bound periods. Yet, many of us multi tasked. We had the legality of the AA to take care of, the organization of the ‘Kick Off’, the passing on of this good news to the thousands that have finished their schooling from our school, the distribution of passes for the Launch Pad event, the seeing of blessings of His Eminence our Archbishop of Bombay custodian of the AB Schools who we are part of, the seeking of blessings from our past Principals and Ex-Teachers, the invitations to all of them, the organization of bringing them to the Event, the distribution of Donor Passes, the putting together of Successful Souvenir, the appointment of a caterer and so many more tasks on hand and somehow miraculously we saw all through with the help of the Almighty. All those foot soldiers seemed to have a never ebbing flow of adrenaline within their cells. The popular phrase, ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ proved true. Recalling the above and the sheer speed of penning down these tasks with excitement reminds me of the last stanza in the poem, ‘Lochinvar’ by Sir Walter Scott, Ms. Anne D’Souza’s favorite poem.

The ‘Kick Off’ was a superb event and the ‘Launch Pad’ a resounding success….It felt like the evening would never end, but end, it did. But the spirit stayed strong for quite a while and fragrance of that wonderful evening still lingers on for many.

What we achieved in terms of numbers contacted and in terms of turn out (approx 700 alumni across batches from the ‘40’s to the ‘10’s) could surely have been much more had we had more time.

Which is why we need to start now by meeting and planning, if we are to make our Fifth Anniversary Meet an epic till the next.

The Foot Soldiers of St. Xavier’s Vile Parle