From His Excellency Archbishop of Bombay



From Rev. Fr. Gregory Lobo :

Dear Ex- Students,

Time encompasses a three dimensional tense.

Past Perfect

Present Tense

Future Progressive

Invariably the Present engulfs the Future and then recedes into the Past. Your Alumni Association is obviously forging a link between the three.

I was privileged to serve as Principal of your School from 1978 to 1983 and again from 1994 to 1999. Needless to say St. Xavier’s Vile Parle has a very special place in my heart and an Alumni Association has been my long standing dream. The formation of this Association is a milestone in the history of St. Xavier’s High School.

Your School has been an asset, nurturing you with love, inculcating and horning your Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual quotient. Now as ex-students the equation has changed. School is your liability, your creditor to whom you owe a debt of gratitude. It is pay-back time. The main objective of St. Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association and its motto ‘Unto Others’ are self explanatory. Wherever you go, you are the brand ambassadors of St. Xavier’s Vile Parle; surely any reference to your School makes memories back-track to your Alma Mater and makes your heart, joyfully sing the refrain ‘Ma Tujhe Salam’.

On this momentous occasion, I congratulate you and send you my greetings and warm wishes, praying that God Bless all you endeavours.

Fr. Gregory Lobo

M.A. M.Ed.

Secretary – The Archdiocesan Board of Education

12th February, 2012


From Rev. Fr. Theodore Fernandes

 St. Xavier’s High School, Vile Parle was started by pioneering priests of the archdiocese of Bombay many years ago, with a sole purpose of giving quality education to the Children of Vile Parle and its surroundings. Generations of both Teachers and Students have passed through the portals of the Institution. St. Xavier’s had a humble beginning, but today we can boast of two buildings, which house the KG, Primary, Secondary and the Higher Secondary, Thousands of Students today boast of being Ex-students of St. Xavier’s. Many have gone on to different countries and holding responsible positions in industry and in multi-national companies. Our ex-students feel they owe much to the School, where they learnt the basics and where they were groomed to be successful citizens of the Country. The reflection has brought together some of these ex-students with a purpose of starting an Alumni Association, a very noble and worthy cause. Through this organization they intend to begin several projects, by which the present & future generations will benefit. This very idea brings in so much hope and expectations. On the inaugural day, 3rd March, 2012, my prayer goes up to God that He may bless each one of our ex-students and their families and their enterprises that this noble thought and desire may influence many other Xavierites, so the mix of the past and present students establish a bond which is unbreakable and lasting and that this help many of the students of the present and future look with pride and gratitude and the Xavierites Alumni Association. God bless and all the success.

Fr. Theodore Fernandes

Manager of St. Xavier’s Vile Parle



From Rev. Fr. Savio D’Souza :

 6th October, 2016

Dear Fellow Xavierites,

In June this year I was appointed Parish Priest of St. Francis Xavier church and Manager of St. Xavier’s High School & Junior College. As parish priest and manager I am a trustee of these institutions and would be involved in the decision making.

I have learnt from the present Head Mistress Mrs. Vera Fernandes of the continued involvement and assistance given by the Alumni Association from time to time to the school. On behalf of our Institution, I take this opportunity to congratulate the St Xavier’s Vile Parle Alumni Association for coming close to completing 5 years soon and thank you all for the efforts you have been making for your Alma Mater, your Teachers, the current students and your fellow alumni.

Speaking with the some of you, I understand that there could be more than 10,000 ex-students of our Institution spread across India and Abroad. This strength is awesome and noteworthy. If you can get even a small part of this strength, SXVPAA would be able to increase its scope of work immensely. Also noteworthy is your motto, ‘Unto Others’

I have heard about the many activities conducted by SXVPAA since inception and have no hesitation in lending my support to all your endeavours to bring the school back to its past glory

I am also given to understand that you are planning a major event in the First Quarter of 2017 to celebrate your 5th Anniversary, I encourage you spread the word to all those among you who may not have subscribed to the Group Face Book Page, or be unaware of your Association. I myself promise to do my best to be a part of this endeavour.

God Bless you and your loved ones always,

Fr. Savio D’Souza


St. Xavier’s High School & Junior College, Vile Parle

Parish Priest & Trustee

St. Francis Xavier Church, Vile Parle